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Podcast: Air Quality and IPCC Climate Report

You can listen to me talk about air quality in Australia to Claire Farrugia from 3CR's Lost in Science show, on an episode that also looks at the last IPCC climate report.

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What's the impact of COVID-19 on greenhouse gas emissions?

Is a drop in air pollution, including greenhouse gases, a silver lining to COVID-19? I spoke with Virginia Trioli about this on ABC Radio Melbourne.

Understanding smoke pollution during bushfires

I had a long conversation with Hilary Harper from ABC Radio National, along with Dr. Brian Oliver, about smoke pollution at the start of the 2019 bushfire season. 

Bush fire haze could cause 'long-term health effects'

During the summer bushfire crisis I went on Sky News to discuss the air quality impacts of smoke.

Victorian Air Quality Strategy

Here in the state of Victoria we are expecting an updated Air Quality Strategy to be released this year. My submission on the Victorian Air Quality Statement is available here, along with many other great submissions.
My recommendations for the new strategy to focus on are:
    - Enforceable standards on ambient air pollutants that meet or exceed WHO guidelines, either within or outside of the NEPM framework.
    - Action against the greatest contributors to ambient air pollutants, including coal fired power stations and diesel trucks, as well as restrictions on future expansion of such activities.
    - Major efforts to tackle smoke pollution, from individual wood fireplaces to large industrial and forest fires.
    - A re-evaluation of the way in which air toxics are regulated, so that the Government is empowered to rapidly respond to emerging threats from highly toxic air pollutants.
    - Regulation of CO2 and ozone depleting substances as air pollutants that impact air quality in Victo…

Staying Safe in Hazardous Air

During the bushfire season in Australia air quality can drop to hazardous levels, where everyone should take precautions to protect their health. I worked with the The Age on this video on how you can stay safe when exposed to hazardous air.

Bushfire smoke is everywhere in our cities. Here’s exactly what you are inhaling

This summer as unprecedented bushfires covered Australia, we were also exposed to some of the worst air quality in the world. This has now been linked to over 400 deaths. I wrote about just what is in bushfire smoke and why it is so dangerous for The Conversation, a story which was picked up by SBS News, The Canberra Times, and Phys.Org.