Ammonium Nitrate Chemistry

Hurry! It's Lovely Up Here!

I'm an academic working in environmental science and engineering, mostly dealing with the chemistry of air pollution, and I'm going to try and start blogging.  Why?  Well, after seeing news stories every day in my field - stories with varying degrees of scientific accuracy - I've come to realise that I probably can and should contribute to the conversation about these crucial issues that affect us all.  We all breathe, and we all have the right to breathe safe, clean air.  This is something I'm passionate about and something I hope I can help raise the public's understanding of.

So, this is going to be a blog not about me and my work but about the daily news in air quality, environmental pollution, and clean energy science and technology.  This is one of the reasons for the name of the blog: I'm planning to share something - anything - every day.

Having just said that this is not about me, let me tell you a little about me.  My work is at the interface of chemistry and engineering; I did a PhD in Chemical Engineering and a postdoc in Chemistry and Environmental Science.  I've been working as a scientist for over a decade, have published more than 100 articles in peer reviewed journals, and have been invited to speak at numerous international conferences.  I lecture in Chemical Engineering at the University of Melbourne and have a research group there in the Melbourne Centre for Theoretical and Computational Chemistry.  I'm also a dad, a musical theater tragic (hence the title of the blog and of this post), and a very average tap dancer.

I hope you hurry up and join me as we try to see forever.

Photochemical smog over the city of Melbourne


  1. Thank you for launching this blog. I look foward to reading every posting from far away North Carolina in the US. This planet has only one atmosphere, and we should do our best to make it safe for all peoples, all plants and all creatures. Jack Spruill


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